Marsden round 2 progression results

Six Arts’ applications have been invited to make full Marsden submissions, meaning that Arts makes up a third of the successful applications from across UC.

Congratulations to the following:

Natalia Chaban (COMS), along with Tara Ross, Zita Joyce, Wan Chi Leung, and Geoff Ford, for their project: Branding New Zealand after COVID: international media and opportunities for image building

Forrest Panther (NZILBB): Understanding the Nature of Word Grammar Through Te Reo Māori

Bronwyn Hayward (POLS), along with Sacha McMeeking and Angus Macfarlane: Manawa Ora/Critical Hope: Supporting tamariki/children’s citizenship capabilities in chaotic climate futures

Ruth McManus (SOCI): The Greening of Death in Aotearoa: Co-designing sustainability adaptations in body disposal

Kevin Watson (LING), along with Jen Hay and Lynn Clark: Do patters of covariation in speech carry social meaning?

Donald Derrick (NZILBB): multi-sensory speech perception and syllable structure

A great deal of work has already gone into these applications, with a lot to prepare for the next round.  Thank you to everyone involved for this and the time spent by all, which will no doubt have contributed significantly to this success.