CIUC’s MLAs PD Workshop 2021 + Hanmer Day Trip

On Saturday 10th July CIUC held a Personal Development Workshop for all of our MLAs (Mandarin Language Assistants), gathering from as far away as Nelson and Balclutha.

This was a lovely opportunity for our Mandarin teachers across the South Island to come together, as well as a great chance for further exchanges between teachers and our new Project Coordinator, Kate Maxwell.

CICU Staff and MLA Teachers at MLAs PD Workshop Training Day.


The day kicked off with CIUC Director, Dr Chia-rong Wu delivering a humorous and thought-provoking speech, encouraging all teachers to embrace foreign cultures and make the most of their time and experiences in New Zealand.

CIUC Director, Dr Chia-rong Wu delivers the opening speech for the MLAs Training Day.


The training day continued with all MLAs sharing their highlights from teaching and supporting the Mandarin and Chinese Culture programmes in both Primary and Secondary schools across the South Island.

The MLAs provided fantastic information, sharing with each other different methods of teaching, learning games and cultural activities used within their learning environments and schools.

MLA, Jie JIANG of St. Kevin’s College (Oamaru) sharing her presentation.

The afternoon concluded with CICU staff providing updates and training tips in relation to the upcoming “Chinese Bridge National Competition” event taking place on Sunday 8th August at UC.

During this session seven MLAs shared their previous experiences with gaining student interest and involvement in the competition, offering great insights and advice for their fellow MLAs.

This concluded the MLAs PD Workshop Training Day.

On Sunday 11th July, CIUC staff and all MLAs met once more, making the most of their time together with a day trip to a clear and crisp, although somewhat wintry Hanmer Springs.

Undeterred, everyone had a lovely day sightseeing around Hanmer, walking up Conical Hill and enjoying a kiwi cuisine ‘Fish & Chip’ lunch.

We wish all of our MLAs a wonderful term break and look forward to catching up again later in Term 4.

CICU Staff and MLA Teachers in Hanmer Springs on their day trip.

Some of CIUC’s MLAs enjoying their day trip in Hanmer Springs.