Classics’ student Awards

The Classics Dept. is delighted to announce that the following students were awarded prizes, presented by Associate-Professor Patrick O’Sullivan, in the following categories at a joint ceremony hosted by the History Dept. held in the UCSA building on Tuesday December 7th:

  • L G Pocock Memorial Prize in Ancient History: Finn Adams
  • Alabaster Prize: Natalija Trombitas
  • Outstanding Achievement Awards in Ancient Languages
  • Top Achiever 100 level Greek 2021: Cormac Gallagher
  • Top Achiever 100 level Latin 2021: Jackson Head
  • Top Achiever 200 level Greek 2021: Natalija Trombitas
  • Top Achiever 200 level Latin 2021: Merten Wiltshire
  • Top Achiever 300 level Latin 2021: Mitchell Rowe

Kleos and kudos to all and may they continue on the Cursus Honorum!! We wish you all the best for your future endeavours at UC and beyond!!

They are indeed a talented bunch and some also excelled in History and Philosophy.

Here are some of our award-winning students l-r: Madeline Finch (winner of the Neville Phillips Memorial Prize in History), Brylea Hollinshead (winner of the David Novitz Prize in Philosophy), Merten Wiltshire, Mitchell Rowe, Jackson Head.