Steven Ratuva has been promoted to Distinguished Professor

Distinguished Prof Steven Ratuva is the first Pacific person to be promoted to Distinguished Prof in the world. The award-winning Fiji-born UC political sociologist was recognised for global leadership & interdisciplinary research.

Distinguished Professor is the highest academic recognition the University can bestow, and reflects the national and international esteem in which Steven’s work is held. Steven’s work spans several disciplines and tackles problems that are among the world’s most challenging.

These include ethnicity and inequality, global security, militarization, political change, governance and conflict in the Asia-Pacific, health, and climate change. In each of these areas, he is a global leader and internationally eminent expert.

His recent award of the Royal Society Metge Medal captures in a nutshell Steven’s impact, since it was awarded for “interdisciplinary studies that have traversed culture, conflict, security and ethnicity as well as his capacity building and leadership in the social sciences”.