Mapping LAWS project welcomes Dr Sian Troath to UC and the College of Arts

Dr Sian Troath has joined the Marsden-funded project ‘Issue mapping and analysing the lethal autonomous weapons debate’ as a postdoctoral fellow.

Members of the project – Jeremy Moses, Amy Fletcher and Geoff Ford – warmly welcome Sian to the UC and the College of Arts. Sian joins the project from the Jeff Bleich Centre at Flinders University.

As part of the project, Sian is focusing on Australia as a case study. This involves mapping the debate surrounding lethal autonomous weapons (LAWS) in Australia, as well as exploring the implications for alliances and partnerships.

She will also be looking at how theories of trust can help to shed light on what makes people trust new technologies, in particular how the language of trust is used in marketing by weapons manufacturers, and the problems of trust for defence personnel in adopting new technologies.

Sian’s other research focuses on theories of trust in relationships between states, including the relationship between the US and the UK, and Australia and Indonesia.