Did you know that the ancient Roman Colosseum could fit 50,000 people who came to see gladiators in action? 

We’re about to reach the same awesome milestone at the UC Teece Museum – this November 50,000 visitors will have come through the gallery!

To celebrate, we’re asking you to make your own model of the Colosseum out of anything you can get your hands on.

You could use iceblock sticks, Lego bricks, polystyrene, Wheatbix, biscuits, play dough, cardboard, collage, cake, drawing – whatever you can find.

Take a maximum of three photos of your finished model and submit these to us along with your details before 5 November 2021.

The most inspirational models in each age group will win an awesome prize pack of books and other goodies. Age groups are:

  • 5-11 years
  • 12-19 years
  • 20 years and over

Plus, if you live in Canterbury, your model could also be chosen to go on display in the Teece Museum!

To qualify, your model must be made out of non-perishable materials, and be no bigger than 30cm wide by 30cm deep and 30cm tall.

So make your colossal creation, be in to win prizes, and help the UC Teece Museum celebrate welcoming 50,000 visitors!

Entry form online at